Swiss tournaments                                                                                                                 

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Edition I




  • Swiss system tournament. It consists of several Swiss tournaments where they will be eliminating a number of engines (depending on the total that participate, which will not be less than 300). The qualifiers will participate in the successive Swiss tournaments until they are eliminated or reach the final phase or final Swiss tournament of 60 engines and 6 rounds. I do not seek to find the best engine, just emotion and fun!


  • GUI : Arena (3.51)
  • Time control: Adapted to 40/4 CCRL (benchmark).
  • Ponder: off
  • Threads : 1
  • Default hash=256Mb
  • Endgame tablebases: Syzygy - Nalimov - Scorpio Bitbases - Gaviota. Hash set to 64Mb.
  • Resign is set to -5 for 3 consecutive moves where able.
  • All engines will use the same opening book limited to an 8 move depth.


  • Open to all Winboard and UCI engines (free, private and commercial).
  • Engine authors can either post their wish for their engine to participate or contact through email ( or private message. I will choose engines by myself too.
  • More than one engine by author is allowed.
  • In case of having more than one author of different country by engine, I will assign the country (team) in which they must play by choice of their authors. If there are no preferences of its authors, I will assign the engine to the country with the fewest engines.
  • Updates will not be allowed during each tournament (before qualifying tournaments start and before main swiss tournament starts).
  • The similarity tool will be used to determine whether or not an engine can participate (Engines allowed until 70% of moves match).
  • Results will be rated only for engines already in the CCRL lists.