Swiss tournaments                                                                                                                 

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Edition I




- GUI : Arena 3.51

- Swiss system tournament. The engines will play a tournament under swiss system rules. Round will depend on number of engines participate
- Time control: 40/40 (adapted to the CCRL benchmark).
- Ponder: off
- Threads : 1
- Default hash=256Mb,
- Endgame tablebases: Syzygy -- Nalimov -- Scorpio Bitbases -- Gaviota ---64Mb hash
- Resign is set to -5 for 3 consecutive moves where able.
- Updates will not be allowed during each tournament (each division)
- Open to all Winboard and UCI engines (free, private and commercial).
- The similarity tool will be used to determine whether or not an engine can participate (Engines allowed until 70% of moves match).
- Results will be rated only for engines already in the CCRL lists.
- All engines will use the same opening book limited to an 8 move depth.
- Engine authors can either post their wish for their engine to participate or contact through email ( or private message. I will choose engines by myself too.